Who is your company's glue?

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Who is the glue that holds your company together? Every company has a person that knows where everything is and who to contact when something is not quite right. If that person is you, do you want it to be you? Can you imagine it not, being you?

If you only had a system in the company that knows all the players and how the company operates. If you only had that one single point of contact for all your employees that’s not you. Imagine the time savings. Imagine not having all the gray hairs, late nights and lost weekends if you only had a way to get your company on the same page…

Your secret weapon who probably performs this crystal ball service already exists. We do it all the time. Who’s we? IT! We encourage all our clients to stop and contact us first for all issues especially technical.

We create, change and remove user accounts therefore we know the players and probably what they do for the company. IT literally interacts with all employees on a more personal level and regular basis. This also works for people and vendors outside your company. A lot of times when vendors are working together, it is IT who is in the middle of everything. We are the liaison between the players.

Another thing that we can do is search our knowledge base for any previous information on a topic. If we don’t know something, generally speaking, we only not know it once. IT keeps or should keep records which are a knowledge base of your company not just your IT. As we add knowledge, the next time something happens we can handle it much more efficiently because of our documentation as we create paths to resolution for your employees.

Now the question is do you have the confidence in your current IT staff or service to perform at this level for your company? 702it can, we do it every day for our clients. If you want a little IT glue for your company, call me 702-357-4333. Thanks for watching and Make IT a Great day!

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