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Hey, this is Tom from 702it.Thanks for stopping by. Today we’re going to discuss when to hire an IT service. Also, keep in mind: You never an appointment to talk to me. Pick up the phone right now and call me at (702) 357-4333. Got a quick question? Text me at (702) 357-4333.

Knowing When to Bring in IT Support: Navigating Small Business Growth

Many small businesses started with humble beginnings. They grew the business, added staff, and probably took care of their own IT too. This makes perfect sense. The question on the table is when to hire an IT service? This is a great question. More than likely there is a homemade computer network that is not standardized. There is probably little documentation and everyone in the company is storing files and working with email a little differently. Does any of this sound familiar? 

Determining the Need for IT Support: Essential Questions to Consider

The question is when to hire an IT service. In our professional opinion, if you answer “No” to any of the following questions, you need an IT service:

First question: Can you pull up a live list of all your computers showing their operational status?

Second question: Can you view the status of updates for all computers?

Last question: What is the current backup status of every PC and laptop in your business?

Relatively easy questions, right? Just some of the basics. This stuff is what 702it does the best. Systems under 702it management perform better, they are definitely kept up-to-date, and our 3-2-1 backup scheme helps ensure your data recovery, if ever needed.  

Streamline Your Business Operations for Success with 702it

Some great business relationships with 702it have started exactly as described, and maybe you are vibing because it sounds so familiar. Congratulations, you have grown your business to this point and now it is time to start standardizing and putting IT systems in place. 

I promise, working with 702it will do remarkable things for every aspect of your business.  Most of all, we are going to save time which will save you money.

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