What IT "Sweet Talk" Really Means

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When you look around for IT services, do not get swindled by the “sweet talk” of fast response time, live answer, or even fancy names they call themselves. In this video we can see a support level comparison chart from a reputable hosting company. 

Focus on “Sweet Talk” that Attempts to Hook You 

If we look from left to right or lowest level support to highest, we will see two important rows, response times and technical support hours. FYI, we confirmed telephone support is not available for the lowest level. Those are some pretty sweet words to get help. 24/7 and unlimited are pretty sweet. Response times are sweet. But then once you start looking closer things start to come into focus. 

Real-Life Scenarios

One of our clients has ecommerce websites that do steady business every day. The websites are hosted on the east coast in the USA by a company with the support matrix from earlier. We have multiple virtual servers in their data centers. Two of our virtual servers in a single data center were experiencing serious connection related issues.  Of course, 702it responded immediately.  We quickly determined the issue was at the data center location level.  You don’t see it very often, but data centers have technical issues too. 

We were limited to chat support and started chatting with data center support.  We explained in technical detail what we were seeing and how potentially serious the issue could be for all in that data center.

Of course, chat support taps out quickly and they tell us they would create a ticket and we would see that ticket emailed shortly.  Again, we tried to explain the issue has an effect on other customers in that data center and escalation is critical. 

Thank goodness this happened on a weekday. We never saw a ticket from that chat. We put in our own ticket and received an immediate email response back.

Truly, great response times all around. This situation took 8 hours in the middle of a workday to resolve. 

“Sweet Talk” Regarding Response Times

We had another situation that happened on a Friday night. We didn’t get resolution until Monday morning. That’s a lot of sweet talk about response times.

Are you hearing “sweet talk” by people who simply can’t resolve your issue?

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