What is a Geofence?

Unlock the power of geofencing for your business security. Limit access and visibility to your office, clouds, and websites based on geographic location, ensuring enhanced protection against cyber threats.

Have you ever wondered what a geofence is? 

A Geofence Enhances the Security of Your Business 

A geofence is a tool to enhance the security of your business by restricting access to your office, clouds, and websites based on geographic location. Just like in the physical world where we put up fences or barriers to keep unwanted visitors out, in the virtual world, we can ensure that nobody even knows your presence. Geofences not only limit access but also visibility to your services and resources. Moreover, they bolster internal security by preventing insiders from accessing restricted areas and regions. 

Examples of Geofences

Here are a few examples we currently implement for our 702it clients to bolster their security. Take Las Vegas divorce lawyers, for instance. These businesses operate within Nevada, so there’s no need for them to advertise their practices in Russia, China, or North Korea. We safeguard their websites by permitting access only from the United States. Is it foolproof? Not entirely. Then why is it valuable? Well, the bad guys often use automation and scripts, known as bots, to launch attacks from various locations worldwide. By employing geofences, we significantly limit the origins of potential attacks, greatly enhancing our security and minimizing the risk of website exploitation. Pretty neat, huh? 

About a decade ago, we were thrilled when firewalls introduced this feature, allowing us to implement geofences in our local offices too. Now, even characters like Kim Jung Donkey Kong can’t spy on our Las Vegas offices from the motherland. Geofences are an incredibly valuable tool, wouldn’t you agree? They also function in reverse. If you have staff prone to clicking on dubious links, geofences prevent their access from crossing national borders, potentially saving your computers and networks from catastrophe. However, be aware that we may need to open the geofence to certain parts of Europe for cloud services like QuickBooks Online, which are hosted in countries like Ireland. 

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While we may be part of a global society, we can certainly mitigate our exposure by employing simple tools like geofences. If you need assistance setting up your geofence, give me a call at (702) 357-4333 or email me at hello@702it.com.

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