What is a Geo Fence?

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Hey this is Tom, owner of 702it. Thanks for stopping by. What the heck is a geofence?

A geofence is a way to make your business safer by limiting access to your office, clouds and websites by geographic location. In the real world we put up a fence or other barriers that make it harder to peer in, nose around and keep all critters at a safe distance. In the virtual world we can make it so no one even knows you are there. Geofences restrict not only access but visibility to your services and resources. In addition, geofences keep everything on the inside safer by not allowing insiders to access to those restricted places and regions. Regions I tell you.

Here are a couple examples we currently use with 702it clients to help them keep safe and sound. Las Vegas divorce lawyers conduct business within Nevada and almost certainly have no need to advertise their practice in Russia, China or North Korea. We protect their websites by only allowing people in the United States to access the sites. Is this fool proof? Nope. Then why is it valuable to put up a geofence on a website? Bad guys use automation and scripts sometimes called bots to launch attacks from all over the world. The geofence will vastly limit the origins of an attack greatly improving our odds of staying safe and not have our websites exploited. Pretty cool, right?

About 10 years ago I was so excited when firewalls added this feature allowing us to put up geofences on our local offices as well. Kim Jung Donkey Kong can’t even see our Las Vegas offices from the motherland. Geofences are a pretty valuable feature wouldn’t you say? Geofences also work in the reverse. If you have staff that likes to clickity click attempting to redirect them to bad places, geofences will stop their access from crossing the national borders and potentially saving your computers and networks from a horrible meltdown. Fair warning, we do have to open up the geofence to parts of Europe for some cloud services like QuickBooks Online that are served from countries like Ireland.

We are truly a global society, but we can definitely limit our exposure by using a simple tool like a geofence. If you need someone to build your geofence give me a call at 702-357-4333. Thanks for watching and Make IT a Great day.

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