What Does an IT Service Provider Do?

Discover the essence of IT service providers – similar to doctors with office visits, surgery, and therapy. For over two decades, 702it has been providing optimal support, offering professional IT checkups and prescriptions tailored to your business needs.

What does an IT service provider do? We have a great analogy that will hopefully pull back the curtain from this mystery.

702it: Your Comprehensive IT Care Team

IT service providers are like doctors with three distinct areas of practice. We do office visits, surgery, and therapy. Office visits are the things we should be doing and checking to make sure everything is within tolerance and there’s no trouble ahead. It’s just like a doctor’s office visit where they check your vitals and take some blood.

Surgery for IT is some of the funniest things we do. Projects are probably like a planned surgery and will hopefully change things for the better. Other times we must do emergency surgery because things happen. I always tell my clients, “It is going to break; it is just a matter of when.” The therapy portion of an IT service provider is the human element. We can help by answering a question, sharing your screen to see what you see, and sometimes act as a good sounding board or offer some solutions for what you and your staff are trying to accomplish. Obviously, these are some very broad strokes. I think this gives you a way to understand what to expect from an IT service provider. It does get a bit tricky because no two IT service providers are the same. 

Key Considerations Before Choosing Your IT Service Provider

Here are a couple things you might want to nail down before signing up with an IT service provider. Do they perform office visits, surgery, and therapy? Do they charge differently or are there different levels to their service? Finally, and this may be the most important question, is your IT service provider the doctor or a referral service? Not all IT service providers perform their own office visits, surgeries, or therapy.

Ensuring Optimal Support and Service for Over Two Decades

Asking who will be providing service and support is a very relevant question these days, with so many companies sub-contracting out your IT services. 702it keeps regular office hours — and we’ve been doing IT surgery for over two decades. We want to help you, your staff, and your business operate at its peak potential. 

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If you want an office visit checkup by a real IT professional give me a call (702) 357-4333 or email me at hello@702it.com and we will start by prescribing the right IT for your business.

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