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Is your business telephone system causing issues?

Struggling with the exorbitant bills? Can your staff make and take calls remotely? Stop giving out your private cell phone number!
Are you missing calls from prospects because your landline lacks smart forwarding and the ability to handle multiple calls or multiple businesses at once?
Is your business growth slowed because your telephone system lacks features you need? Does your phone system have a smartphone app?

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VoIP installations often pay themselves back in the first year and offer cost-savings of up to 50%.


Contrary to popular belief, VoIP offers increased stability, call-quality and even has fail-safes in case the internet does drop.

Ease of use

With a professional installation, your team will always receive their calls, exactly where they need them.

VoIP: The Modern Business Telephone System

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, helps businesses receive their calls over the internet, rather than the traditional landline. This comes with a host of benefits.
We are so confident you will love our solution, our best in class business phone system, that we will setup a full blown phone system for your company, for free.
It’s a non-invasive way for you to try this “new” technology; so you can find whether the increased quality and lowered costs are to your liking.
Experience white-glove, unlimited support by certified VoIP experts. ‍
No credit card required and it can run in tandem with your current system. FREE!

Why collaborate with

We have been helping businesses switching phone systems since 1999 – and have seen all the iterations of new phone technology.
Since 2015, we are using the best phone system we have ever seen. It is incredibly easy to use, has no costly add-ons and offers unlimited extensions. Users love the versatility; it is breaking all the rules of what you can expect of a telephone system.
And it’s a lot less costly than a regular phone system. For that reason, we gladly offer a month’s worth, completely free trial and setup with no strings attached. It’s a huge upgrade; and it’s cheaper. Crazy!

VoIP's technical features

We have mentioned the increased quality multiple
times. What do we mean by that?
Crisp, clear sound
Conference calls; you are no longer limited to calls with two people.
Have multiple calls coming in on the same phone number; they will simply route to different staff (of your choosing).
Your calls are no longer limited to geographical locations and can run from all allocated devices.
Reliability. If internet drops, measures are taken to forward the calls to lines which are still available. Features like call hunt, group voicemail, automatic call forwarding and routing can greatly improve employee productivity.

An easy, organized process

Make calls and evaluate the value for yourself

You can start using the system straight away - it obligates you to nothing, is easy to use and elevates your business.

An easy, organized process

We help you gather the information required to move into a new phone system. Once we have the paperwork you can sit back and enjoy your new phone system. We will make quick work setting you up.

Paperwork, contract and we turn on your system

You might want some additional information. We will painlessly ascertain required information to customize the system just for you.

Senior American Staff

We service and support your VoIP solution. Competitors sell you a system and run for the hills. The buck stops with 702it and we will never farm out the care of your business.

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