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702it Triple Ds

The ‘Triple D’s’ of 702it: Dedication, Determination and Diligence. Outsourcing IT services can save time and money. 702it is dedicated to providing the best IT services and support to customers. Here is how we do IT. Read more…

Brute Force Attack

A brute force attack is a type of cyber attack that tries to guess a password by systematically trying every possible combination of characters, numbers, and symbols until it finds the correct combination. It is a trial and error method of attack used to gain access to a website, system, or service. Read more…

Tis the Season of Giving

There are a variety of ways to give to local charities. You can volunteer your time by donating your time and skills to help a local charity. Volunteering can involve anything from helping out at an event or assisting with administrative tasks. You can also donate money to a local charity, either directly or through a fundraising event. Other ways to give include donating items such as clothing, furniture, and other household items. Finally, you can also raise awareness about a charity by sharing information about it with your friends, family, and social media contacts. Read more…

What is a Geo Fence?

Putting up a virtual fence around your business or what helps keep the fly-by-nights away. In this video we explain how to make your IT more secure by limiting exposure to other regions or countries around the globe. Read more…

30 Day I.T. Plan

In 30 days we will make your business faster, safer and more resilient. We have a plan! Day one we will take control of your PCs, servers and clouds. Day one we will start supporting your employees. Within two weeks we will get onsite and offsite backups. Within 30 days your I.T. environment will be fully managed, documented and more secure. Read more…

Danger Microsoft Email Server

We installed and supported Microsoft Exchange on-premises for almost two decades. Small businesses easily leveraged Exchange as a do-it-yourself email server. Supporting it was time consuming but there was no real Enterprise class email for the small business, so Microsoft ruled the day. Nowadays Microsoft Exchange is a vulnerability to your business and must be migrated away from ASAP. Microsoft 365 email is the best value in all of technology. You get a 50GB mailbox and 1TB of storage via OneDrive for $6 per month plus a slew of other online products that keep getting better every day. Read more…

Less Wasted Time, Less Expense, Less Headache

Time. More valuable than money, gold or real estate. IT department turnover is extremely scary. Outsourcing your IT support will relieve your time investment, provide more value per dollar and stop the revolving door of people and knowledge. We make it easy to switch and layout a solid foundation from which you can build your business. Read more…

1 Phone System for Multiple Locations

100% uptime guarantee. We will lower your telco expenses, improve employee communications and make it super easy to switch. The more locations the more you can save by switching. We have been replacing old, sub-par and restrictive phone systems for 20 years. We have engineered the absolute best VoIP solution on the market today. We will setup a cloud server solely for your business. This is NOT a shared platform like RingCentral, 8×8 or Ooma. Read more…

What does an IT Service Provider do?

Is there a doctor in the house? We have a great analogy to help you flush out the pretenders from the contenders. We offer some helpful hints on what you should be looking for in an IT service provider. Finding the right IT service provider feels just as important as finding the right doctor. Sometimes just as big of a hassle too. Read more…

What IT Sweet Talk Really Means

Working your way up the support ladder to hell is not a clear path to resolution. Many support companies put up a front, take your money and then when you need them most you realize they really can’t support you and your company. 702it likes to set real expectations and backs it up with professionalism, expediency and genuine care for your business. Read more…

Non-technical Technical Housekeeping

The year is coming to a close. Here are a couple IT tips which need zero technical knowledge but can help your entire business run better. There is additional CyberSecurity benefit by cleaning up former employee contacts. The last thing any company needs is disruption in service or worse, poor service that barely keeps you operating. Read more…

Excuses Excuses

Are you sick and tired of excuses? Do not be slowed down by poor IT support and service. Your employees and business deserve better than excuses. When you’re done listening to reasons why work hasn’t been completed it is time to bring in the professionals at Read more…

Who is your company’s glue?

New employees often struggle with where to get help. A lot of time is wasted finding out who to ask or how to get help. You might have a secret weapon to help everyone in your company get the support they need.

Turnover also creates knowledge gaps. The glue that keeps things flowing should not be a person. You can make it a function of a group you might already have. Read more…

Dangerous Cyber Threats

It is a big bad world out there and we can help protect you and your business. 702it can assist you with putting the right tools in place to help your team succeed.

We have an exciting new CyberSecurity plan we can roll out to you today no matter where you are located. Check out our special limited time only plan for remote only clients.

6 Hours Per Week Saved

When you work with IT support professionals, more is going to get done to a higher degree. Here is an example when 702it was completing normal tasks and noticed something was up. We were easily able to shave 6 hours a week of mindless work and help a fellow human get home quicker every night.

The number one thing employees want are tools to do their jobs. 702it can assist you putting the right tools in place to help your team succeed. Read more…

Not All IT Service Providers Are Up To Par

Do you know who is supporting your IT? 702it always is the end of the road support and we don’t turn over your passwords to third party vendors to do our job. 

Don’t be fooled. If your current IT support service is not American, then your business is at a higher risk. Cyber Security is all about lowering your attack surface not expanding it into other countries. Read more…

Don’t Settle For Less IT Support

Why in the world would you put up with being treated poorly? With 702it you will never have a bad date! We love IT and want to be your new IT department.

Other companies disappear after you pay them and can only produce excuses and not results. 

If you need results and not lip service call 702.357.4333 and not settling for less IT support.

When to Hire an IT Service?

We ask 3 simple questions every business owner should know. If you answer no to any of the 3 questions you probably need an IT service. These are some of the things that 702it does the best. 

IT support and service is just like anything else. You have to start with strong fundamentals and work up from there. Read More…

Former Employee Accounts Exploited

With every addition of an employee enlarges your companies attack surface. A day or two after this video a popular and very secure security and password company announced they had a breach. They gained access through the use of an employee login. No apparent damage and they got away with some source code. Read about that story here.

Even former employees can be the source of a breach. Watch and we’ll explain how easy it is. No technical experience required. Read more…

Meet Tom Kunath, Owner 702it

Meet Tom Kunath, Owner 702it. Born and raised in Kenosha, WI. Educated, married and started his IT career in Kenosha Along with my wife and they moved to Las Vegas in 2003. Wisconsin winters are a thing of the past for unthawed couple.

In 2017, we started 702it with our vast education, training and experience supporting and servicing small business IT infrastructure. Read more…

702it New CyberSecurity Partner

Mid 2022, 702it partnered with Huntress. World leading cyber security experts and cyber hunters.

Anti-virus is not enough anymore. Managed security services by 702it with Huntress is an industry leading partnership built for small businesses. 24/7 response team is standing by to stop, reverse and attack the bad guys. This quality of protection and support is only available with 702it.

We Love Las Vegas

Las Vegas is truly a global destination and one of America’s treasures.

Las Vegas is about coming together with family and friends to share peacefully and without moral judgements in all that life has to offer. 

Watching how all our communities come together when the shooting is over is how we should act before the shooting starts.

Small Business Technology Experts

Like many business owners, Jack is very busy.

702it saves businesses and owners time which saves everyone money. Leverage our experience to grow your business. Utilize our world class management platform. Have confidence you’re spending money that will be put to good use. 

Once Jack called 702it all his IT problems went away.

We Can Help!

Like many business owners, Jack is very busy.

702it saves businesses and owners time which saves everyone money. Leverage our experience to grow your business. Utilize our world class management platform. Have confidence you’re spending money that will be put to good use. 

Once Jack called 702it all his IT problems went away.

Old School Cool

We are older than Microsoft.

702it has over 20 years’ experience support every version of Windows.

We been working remotely, conducting business over the Internet and communicating in new ways since the 90s.

What do you have?

Why do you have it?

Who has access to it?

Together we will answer these questions, document our findings and develop a plan for the future. We make IT easy!

Good Helper Logo Intro

We used a cloud service to conduct a contest for the creation of our logo. The process was fun and easy. We loved how it turned out. 

We are the one and only Good Helper and have the dotcom to prove it