Complete IT Management


Quality starts with the ingredients and IT is no different. Computers, printers, server access, network capacity and Internet speed are concerns which affect multiple employees simultaneously. They are on the payroll and should using these resources on demand. We know what infrastructure is intuitive to use, offers the best value and which you rely on for a long time to come.

We hold multiple certifications with industry leaders like Cisco, Dell and Microsoft.

Software & Tools

Enterprise class tools for the small business owner, when needed. We use the same tools to manage your computers and networks as fortune 500 companies use to manage their IT assets.

For your team, we suggest new Apps, tools and provide the training necessary to go with it. This can save you a ton of time, with the value going into the tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here is an example we are most proud: We wrote a script that reduced an end-of-day process from 1-1.5 hours daily, to 1-1.5 minutes daily. Saving hours and hours of labor reduced down to a click of a mouse.

Staff Usage & Adoption

Unlimited IT support means immediate support. Your employees can call, email or text to submit a ticket without management approval. With 702it you will have fewer problems and those that do get fixed faster.

Quality equipment, setup by certified professionals with great communication and enterprise class tools ensures that your employees can align to your vision and work more efficiently.

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