Tis the Season of Giving

Love Triangle You, Good Helper & 702it

Hey this is Tom, owner of 702it. Thanks for stopping by. We get to help people and small businesses every day overcome technical challenges. We are very lucky and don’t take any of our relationships for granted. One of the ways we are so lucky is our growing network of clients, vendors, employees, and friends. We always feel like we have someone we trust to turn to if the need arises.

We are truly fortunate and recognize not everyone has a support network like ours. One of the ways we like to give back is supporting local Las Vegas charities. For years we have supported a local nonprofit called “The Shade Tree”. The Shade Tree helps victims of domestic violence and abuse. Their doors are also open to those facing economic hardships and homelessness. This is a great organization providing much needed services that most of us could not imagine ever having that sort of need.

Another charity new to 702it is Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. This is a great organization for helping young people in dire need that most certainly do not have a support system of their own. Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth helps with emergency support with the goal of long-term self-sufficiency. Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth gets young people off the streets and on a path where it will be safe to conquer life. I have never personally experienced such hardship and life is hard enough and almost impossible without having a support system.

You don’t have to take our selected charities and you can discover charities closer to you or your heart. We use the website charitynavigator.org anytime we are faced with a charitable question. Search out your charity and see how they stack up. Are they using your donations to get results or administration salaries? Charitynavigator.org will help you make informed decisions.

If you are better off than most please consider donating money, self-care items or anything you feel will make a difference to a local charity near you. This holiday season and beyond let us come together and help those who need help the most. Please join us and help in any way you can by contacting your favorite local charity and get involved.

You can always call or text 702-357-4333 and we will help you help others. Thanks for watching and Make IT a Great day.

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