Not All IT Service Providers Are Up To Par

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Not all IT service providers are the same and after 20 years in Las Vegas we know the players and their games. There are people and companies in Las Vegas giving my profession a bad name. Don’t make us start naming names @VitalVegas style. You all know who you are and need to stop it. Stop it right now.

Don’t get me wrong with what I’m about to say. I’m a capitalist at heart but my country and security mean even more than profits. 

When we conduct business in the United States, we have a strong legal system to protect our intellectual property, products and overall business.  That being said, some IT support companies use third party sub-contractors that are located outside the United States. That means there is no legal jurisdiction to be held accountable and that nifty accountability deterrent does not exist in many of the countries producing this cheap labor.

Trying to keep costs down and provide exceptional support is common among IT support companies. Where we are seeing a fork in the road is delivery of that support and where it comes from.  Don’t be fooled.  Once a bad actor outside the United States steals or worse, exposes your company publicly, the damage is already done.  The company you’re paying for IT support cut corners to make a buck while at the same time giving the keys to your operation to someone that has no accountability in the jurisdiction of your company. 

A popular myth to using offshore resources is they are given limited permissions and don’t have full access to your company like American techs. 

Let’s try to frame this a different way. Would you let a good thief into your home? Yes, or no? Of course, not because they would steal you blind and you would never know it.  Would you care if a thief drove past your house? Of course not.  No way they can steal from you from the road.

The same thing is true with your IT support.  Don’t let people into your house.  Ask your vendors how they are fulfilling your IT support. Honestly, you can probably hear the difference when you speak to them on the phone.

702it directly supports everything we sell. The buck stops here. I can personally guarantee if you call me right now 702-357-4333, we will start making your company safer and more secure.

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