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Halloween, Thanksgiving and then end of year holidays are around the corner. What can we do to do right now to set ourselves up for success? Here are a couple non-technical tips to grease the wheels before winter. First,  check your phone and Internet service contracts. In both cases, if you had either for a few years you can probably to get more service for less money today. Give your current provider a call to get some details for your baseline. Don’t be so quick to renew though. Ask yourself if now is the time to make a change? As long as your knee-deep in contract dates go ahead calendar the expiration dates you have gathered. Set the reminder to be 30 or 60 days to allow time to take action if necessary. Our clients laugh when we send them calendar invites for 5 years from now. It is kinda of funny and highly effective too.

Another area of focus is service contracts on any revenue generating resources, now is the time to review those too. Keeping your production and service operations running at peak performance means up-to-date documentation. If you had key players leave this past year review the contacts on your contracts making sure only active employees are listed which keeps things running smoothly and helps keeps the silliness away.

Make a list of the parties responsible for vendor relations and who to contact when something is broken. Have this list available so all employees can see it. Remember those emergency drills in school. The whole school would practice going to the structurally safest part of the building. That dry run was simply to curtail chaos in the event of a real emergency. Time is our common constraint. Saving time in the future by being prepared today. Hey, is someone writing these nuggets down?

If you want some help organizing your IT then call me 702-357-4333. Thanks for watching and Make IT a Great day!

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