Meet Tom Kunath Owner 702it

Born and Raised in Wisconsin

Hey this is Tom from 702it, thanks for stopping by. You don’t need an appointment. Pick up the phone right now and call me 702-357-4333. Got a quick question? Text me 702-357-4333.

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Allow me to give you the background information on myself and 702it so our time together can focus on you and your business.

First a little bit about me. I was born and raised in Kenosha, WI by owners of a concrete construction company. Our parents worked so hard and we often worked as a family doing what needed to be done. Now, my siblings and I are now among the top 10%, A level type employees, real producers and most of all considerate contributors to our communities.

After getting educated, married and starting my IT career in Kenosha, my wife and I moved to Las Vegas in 2003. Wisconsin winters are a thing of the past for us.

In 2017, we started 702it. We had no clients, no money and was no way we werent going to succeed without giving it everything we got. We had all the eduction, training and experience we needed and that was enough.

Fast forward a little bit and today I can personally guarantee 702it has the best service, support and security offerings we have seen in over 20 years helping a myriad of small businesses around the globe.

There are a couple key components to our success. It all starts by having someone give a hoot about your business and not someone that you pay 8-5 Monday through Friday.

I am talking about being the person that is alerted to an IT issue, able to recognize the business impact and respond accordingly every day that ends in Y.

Did you know, 702it competitors pay low level and non technical people to answer the phone so they can sell you on live answer, immediate response.

702it responds in a meaningful way with people that know your business, your people and your setup.

Our job is about helping your business run as smoothly and securely as possible every day of the year.

It is easy to care about your business when we bring the best tools to manage, backup and secure your computers and networks.

Your systems under 702it management will automatically start performing better.

I don’t want to bore you with our 3-2-1 backup scheme but essentially we get 3 backups, 2 different ways and one offsite.

Like all 702it services we monitor and remediate backup issues daily.

The last thing is our security.

Early 2022 we started testing a live 24/7 human protect and response security solution that is simply better than everything else on the market.

These are some reasons we can confidently say our service and support offering is the strongest in two decades.

Why 702it? When you combine professionals that give a hoot, meaningful response and a custom toolset tailored for your business that is our recipe for your IT success.

Make IT a great day!


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