702it Client Bill of Rights

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Client Bill of Rights


At 702it, our commitment is to provide exceptional IT solutions tailored to meet your needs. Guided by our core values of Dependable, Dedicated, and Diligent service, and upholding the highest standards of honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity, this Client Bill of Rights outlines the core principles and obligations we uphold to ensure your satisfaction.

1. Transparency

You have the right to clear and transparent billing, detailed project timelines, and comprehensible service level agreements. Our Dependable communication ensures you are always informed.

2. Dependable Service

You can expect the best uptime and immediate responses to emergency IT issues as per our promise. Our Dedicated team ensures your IT infrastructure is always running smoothly.

3. Data Security

Your data will be managed with the highest standards of security and confidentiality, handled with utmost integrity by our experts.

4. Quality Assurance

You are entitled to services that are performed correctly, effectively, and efficiently. Our Dedication to quality ensures we meet and exceed your expectations with diligent effort.

5. Open Communication

You have easy access to your dedicated account manager and tech support team through multiple communication channels. Our Dependable support team is always available to assist you with honesty and clarity.

6. Respect and Professionalism

You will be treated with respect and receive professional service from all members of the 702it team. Our Diligent approach guarantees professionalism in every interaction, upholding the highest integrity.

7. Ethical Conduct

You can expect ethical behavior and unbiased advice from 702it, free from conflicts of interest. Our integrity is unwavering, ensuring trustworthiness in all our dealings.

8. Continual Improvement

You can anticipate ongoing service improvements as technologies evolve and as 702it grows. We are Diligent in our pursuit of excellence and innovation, always striving to improve.

9. Exit Strategy

If you choose to terminate your relationship with 702it, you are entitled to a seamless transition of services, with your data returned promptly. We share your passwords with you so you always have the keys to your business.

10. Feedback and Redress

You have the right to provide feedback or file complaints and can expect prompt resolution to any issues. We are Dedicated to addressing your concerns quickly and effectively while maintaining trust and honesty.


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