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I wanted to talk to you about staffing your own IT department. Hiring employees is a daunting exercise and very time consuming. Turnover for some key positions can impact many different aspects of your business. Employees will come and go. These days some stay but they quit on you, your business and themselves.

We can all agree IT is an important part of most business. If there is one department that can tell you where the bodies are buried it is the IT department. Does your business need the headache, hassle and overhead of staffing an IT department?

One precursor is business need. Does your IT staff directly contribute to generating revenue? If the answer is no you probably don’t have a business need or require staffing an IT department.

The first decade of my career I served as in-house IT staff. About 18 months into every gig would be about the time needed to completely flip an IT department into a lean running machine. After that is where things start to get boring, redundant and lackluster. Your IT staff will require HR, payroll, space, tools, time-off, training and many more things you will be required to provide if you want to continue to staff your own IT department.

Why? Here is a better question. Would you like an IT partner that has the drive to help you grow your business without all that human maintenance?

IT partners like 702it are like having high quality executives running your IT department and only focused on that. We only require payment. That’s it. This is one silo of your business you don’t have to maintain, at all. 702it make you forget about the technical aspects of running your business allowing you time to focus on revenue and all the other employee commitments.

If there is one department you don’t need turnover and instability it is your IT department. 702it has watched client employees come and go and sometimes come back again. The one consistent resource in the timeline is 702it. You can plug us into your company and walk away, we got IT. Call 702-357-4333 and lets get you out of the IT business once and for all.

Thanks for watching and Make IT a Great day!

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