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Friendly IT Support

We secure, monitor and back up your computers and network with friendly IT support.

IT Support - How we can help

  • Easily handle a constant flux of personnel and thus requires user additions, moves, and changes.
  • Diligently maintain and understand the importance of managed backups and security
  • IT point person to lead and manage all aspects of IT infrastructure

IT Support - Making "IT" Great


Communication is the key to any successful relationship. IT Support must include great communication. 702it can ease the burden of IT support through communication in several ways you currently use every day. Your employees will enjoy fast response times via email, text or phone. Communication, fast response and quick resolution are benefits your company will enjoy with great IT support from 702it.

Save precious time in the future, achieve maximum value and ensure that your IT support has the exact right amount of people power. Call 702it 702-357-4333 to forgot about IT. Schedule a time that works for you to talk to 702it. 

Love Triangle You, Good Helper & 702it

Quality IT Support


IT support success is using quality hardware and services. Our extensive experience across various industries and certifications allows us to make design and performance suggestions that you and your team are sure to love. Maximizing value with IT Support budgets starts with quality.

Working with Dell all these years has provided 702it and our clients reliable operations and tremendous value.

30 years using Dell!

IT Support

Computers, servers, firewalls, WiFi etc.

Benefit from our longstanding partnerships with top-tier hardware vendors, allowing you to equip your business with durable, professional-grade technology. Our close relationships with these vendors ensure that you receive not only the most reliable equipment but also special pricing and fast delivery, so you can focus on growing your business rather than worrying about IT support and infrastructure.

Vendor tech support is nothing but hammers looking for nails. 702it will respond like firemen, fix like surgeons, and protect like lawyers. IT Support cannot be scripted and custom. 702it IT support provides vendor liaison services as we look out for your interests.

Be assured our industry certifications from Dell, Cisco and Microsoft give you a distinct business advantage to make decisions with confidence.

IT Support

Cloud IT Support and Remote Workers

We were ready for Covid and people working from everywhere. Great IT support for your cloud services impacts office and remote workers. IT support for remote workers allows your staff freedom to be productive anywhere. 

Work from any device, anywhere in the world
Keep your data centralized and safe

Easily grant and revoke remote access

IT Support Service Security Strategy
IT Support Service Security Strategy

IT Support

Comprehensive IT Support
Experience seamless IT support through our integrated approach to Backups, Monitoring, Security, Support and Systems designed to elevate your user experience.  Unlock unparalleled efficiency and peace of mind with our comprehensive IT support services to create an exceptional user experience.
Responsive IT Support
702it IT Support will always respond to you quickly, if not in real-time. You will be relieved with our responsiveness and speed. Issues will be addressed promptly, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our satisfaction guarantee gives you the peace-of-mind to know that you'll get the exact results you want. You can count on us to deliver a successful, hassle-free outcome.
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IT Support Knowledge
702it IT support extends far beyond just troubleshooting PC and software glitches. We offer a holistic approach to IT support that includes network optimization, cybersecurity measures, cloud service integration, and even strategic IT consulting. From your hardware's physical health to the seamless running of your digital operations, we cover it all, ensuring your business can operate smoothly.
IT Support Helpdesk
Call, text or email we are ready to respond. IT support must include accountability. IT support must include documentation and work logs. IT Support by 702it includes helpdesk, ticket system and multiple ways to reach out and touch someone.
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Ticket Management
IT Support includes Ticket Management: Logging, tracking, and resolving service tickets.
User Onboarding
The most common call in IT support is setting up accounts, permissions, and hardware for new employees
Password Resets
Assisting users in resetting and managing their passwords turns out to be vitally important. Ask MGM.
Software Installation
Litmiting software installations to IT support is a huge step for security. Only allowing IT support to install and update necessary software applications helps limit installs to required tools and stopping installation of viruses.
Network IT Support
IT Support and monitoring ensures stable and secure connections to the internet and internal networks.
Virus and Malware Removal
Monitoring, identifying and removing security threats from affected systems is a serious task for IT Support.
Data Backup and Recovery
IT Support includes managing regular backups and restoring lost data when needed.
Email Support
Configuring email clients, troubleshooting sending/receiving issues was super common in IT support before Microsoft 365.
System Updates
Easy passwords and out of date devices make for easy targets. IT support is all about managing and applying necessary system patches and updates.
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“Tom and the team at 702IT are some of the best people I have ever worked with in any capacity.”

Providing fortune 50 level IT support for small businesses. Always available and excellent support for a multi location and multi-user environment. Highly recommended!~Matthew Lilley

“Providing fortune 50 level IT support for small businesses.”

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