20+ Years Loving IT Support

Friendly IT Support

We secure, monitor and back up your computers and network with friendly  unlimited support.

IT Support

Professional Planning

We are CompTIA Project+ certified professionals to successfully manage your IT projects and ultra organized to handle the day-to-day.

Save precious downtime in the future, achieve maximum value for money and ensure that your hardware has the exact right amount of power necessary.

An office environment that exhilarates your team
Increased productivity, stability and satisfaction
Business IT infrastructure
Reliable Hardware Solutions

Delight in our


Our extensive experience across various industries and certifications allows us to make design and performance suggestions that you and your team are sure to love.

IT Support

Computers, servers, firewalls, WiFi etc.

Leverage our long-lasting relationships with hardware suppliers to receive high-value, professional equipment, built to last.
Be assured our industry certifications from Dell, Cisco and Microsoft give you a distinct business advantage to make decisions with confidence.

IT Support

Cloud solutions and 'Remote Desktops'

The ‘new normal’ calls for new solutions. Our ‘remote desktops’ allows your staff to work remotely, while you maintain control over your business.
Work from any device, anywhere in the world
Keep your data centralized and safe
Easily grant and revoke access to new team members
If your building burns down, you are still operational – the same day

Tailor-made solutions, fantastic pricing, huge savings

IT installation

Telephony and VoIP

We are VoIP certified to make sure your phone rings anywhere in the world.

Whether you want a simple menu, or a full-blown smart VoIP solution, we can build an amazing communication system customized for your business.

“Tom and the team at 702IT are some of the best people I have ever worked with in any capacity.”

Providing fortune 50 level IT support for small businesses. Always available and excellent support for a multi location and multi-user environment. Highly recommended!~Matthew Lilley

“Providing fortune 50 level IT support for small businesses.”

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