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Optimizing IT

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Do you see the need to improve but want to verify potential value before committing to anything? Consider having us analyze your current state of affairs.

We will share with you a way to save at least 20% on your IT costs.

Optimizing IT

24/7 Monitoring

Often times we will notify our clients of issues they were not aware. We monitor all aspects of your technology to get the jump on anything that could slow you down. 

We regularly review your technology to ensure you are setup as safe and secure as we can possibly be today. 

Understading you…

When you call for IT Support, we will know it is you calling, have a prior understanding of your business and know your environment so we can respond quickly to your immediate needs.

Optimizing IT

Proactive Maintenance

One call to the person that knows. How do we know?

We will document, coordinate, procure, assess, plan, strategize and most of all act on your behalf in a professional manner as if we were on staff.

Optimizing IT

Automating Processes

We had a client that performed the same day ending task that took approximately 1 hour each day and 2 hours on Fridays. We wrote a script which takes 1 minute per day to run. 90 seconds on Friday. 

Clean Windows Installations

Windows and Third Party Updates

User Environment Resets

Performance Maintenance

Optimizing IT

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) bests Google for business operations. We are specialists at keeping your 365 costs under control.

Key Microsoft 365 benefits:

"Tom and the 702it team have kept my business going since 1997."
~Jeff Rampart

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