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Outsourced IT Management

Let 702it manage your technology needs to free up your time, resources, and mental space.

Why Outsource?

Why Outsource Your IT with 702it?

  • We bring over two decades of experience and industry-leading tools to the table.
  • We have cost-effective solutions that are customized to your business needs.

  • We enhance your team’s productivity by eliminating IT headaches.

Here’s an example of how fast and 

efficient our IT support is: 

Outsourcing IT

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

  • Consistent Billing
  • Expertise on Demand
  • Scalability
  • Reduced Operating Costs

702it Outsourcing Services

Managed IT Support

Cloud Solutions

Network Management


Daily Management

Backups and Disaster Recovery

What happens in case of a fire, flood, or (shark-)tornado? Data is fragile. Every business requires backups.

Data can be stored at various locations, keeping in mind any legal restrictions, such as PCI and HIPAA

We like to focus on the ability to recover to ensure you do not experience any unpleasant surprises

We include backups for your email providers, such as Microsoft 365

End-to-end protection

Your business can be destroyed in 5 minutes

It takes 10 years to build a business and just 1 clever hack to corrupt all your data. Don’t risk it. We can help protect you.

Outsourcing IT

Virtual IT Manager

One call to the person that knows.

We will document, coordinate, procure, assess, plan, strategize, and most of all act on your behalf in a professional manner as if we were on staff.

Understading you…

We understand your IT to a ‘T’ and will inform you whenever something requires your attention. Otherwise, we will make you forget about IT.

Tom has fixed computer problems for JKR Surveying nights, weekends, and holidays. Tom is always available and very responsive. Thanks, Tom and staff, for all the needed help. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! ~Jeff Rampart

Tired of Mediocre
IT Support?

You do not have to climb any IT Support ladder with 702it