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IT Support Las Vegas

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Our Las Vegas Clients

We love Las Vegas Lawyers. We currently have Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers, Las Vegas Trial Lawyers, Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers and Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers as clients.

Money and Financing clients like Las Vegas Accounting Firms, Las Vegas CPA Firms and Las Vegas Mortgage Lenders all use 702it Managed IT Support services.

Other Las Vegas Clients:

We support Las Vegas Trucking and Transportation

We are proud to support one of Las Vegas’ Largest Retailer

We heart our Las Vegas Construction Contractors

Our newest Las Vegas client is an online Ecommerce Retailer with servers all over the world

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Supporting Las Vegas Small Business

702it specializes in small business IT support. We are proud to call Las Vegas home. We have experience helping hundreds of Las Vegas small businesses. We manage, backup and secure your business with friendly, unlimited onsite and offsite support. We have agents installed all over the valley and can easily tell when we have incidents that affect certain areas and neighborhoods which helps us quickly identify where the problems hide. Our wide range of clients gives us a unique pulse on everything Las Vegas. We love Las Vegas and very excited for the next 20 years watching our city, clients and businesses prosper and evolve into something even more fabulous.

30 Day IT Plan

Day 1

On the first day we’ll install our powerful 702it agents on each PC and server. If we can’t install an agent we will setup monitoring to alerts us in case there is an issue. Our 702it agent provides us with system vitals, logs and tools to help us help you. 

First Day

From the time we start on day one we install the 702it agent which is a small piece of software that allows us to first and foremost help your employees when they need help.

First 2 Weeks

The first two weeks is concentrating on backups. We will take the time to get onsite and offsite backups of your PCs, servers and cloud data. We will capture a full mirror image backup of your PCs and servers.

First 30 Days

The last two weeks of the 702it 30-day plan is to install industry leading security software and document your entire environment. After 30 days we will have a good sense of what you have and why you have it. From there we can make plans for the short and long term together.