Former Employee Accounts Exploited

Love Triangle You, Good Helper & 702it

Hey this is Tom from 702it, thanks for stopping by. Top of mind for everyone these days is Cyber Security but often it is the fundamentals that are forgotten, the easy stuff, the things that everyone remembers and never forgets.

Let me tell you how old employees and poor housekeeping can cause you severe pain.

Imagine hearing on the evening news about latest hack or ransomware case. You may never know it, but an old employee was exploited in that news story. The hack included the passwords to all the exposed accounts. These are some of the worst kinds of hacks and let me tell you one reason why.

While we are still imaging you go into work the next day. Everything is normal. Then, all of sudden it gets real quiet, everything comes to a halt. It doesn’t take long for the volume to rise and panic to set in.  Who do you call when this happens? You have a plan right? You know exactly what to do?

Honestly, all we know is your network is down, you have no phones, no one is working and I promise you, someone is losing money.

Lets skip ahead to how this can happen. In the end, an old employee used the same password for many things, that a particular password was exposed in that news story you heard about the night before. That was also the password for your company’s main Internet router.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of social hacking to put former employee with former company to try variations of their name and a known password. If you combine that with poor housekeeping, the next thing you know is your company is at a standstill. We can start calculating your lost productivity, and lower customer satisfaction when your systems don’t perform.

Before you have an un-managed or under-managed IT environment leading to a mishap hopefully now you will pick up the phone and call me 702-357-4333.  Got a quick question? Text me 702-357-4333. Want to make an appointment, go to, pick a day and time that works for you and we’ll make “IT” happen.

Thanks for watching and make “IT” a great day

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