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Hey this is Tom, owner of 702it, Thanks for stopping by.

The last two decades I have been fortunate to work with hundreds of companies protecting and supporting their IT. 

Most often, IT is there in the beginning, planning and strategizing with the owners and other stakeholders.

If you been around business, you know, after the checks have been sent is normally when the excuses start popping up.  Let me give you an example. 

As a business owner you just released the funds to start a brand-new server project.  You’re excited, you got your team excited and everyone is relying on IT to make it work.

A few days go by and you pass IT in the hallway. Because you’re so excited you ask if the server order had been placed yet? The response you receive is not positive and you are given excuses that don’t add up in your head but you’re not in IT either.

The server finally arrived, and you see the unopened boxes piled up in the IT area. At this point a week or two may have passed, maybe a month. You step into the IT area and ask the person leaning on the boxes talking to a person sitting on another box labeled “server project”, how everything was coming along? You get more excuses and visually you can see you bought some pretty expense office furniture in a horrible color. 

As the project stalls you’re going to be asking more questions and hearing more excuses.

All your momentum is gone.  Even once IT finally gets the server up and running, you lost the most important thing we all have, time. 

If you don’t want to hear excuses and need someone to get IT done call me.  Honestly, in over 20 years I cannot remember a time when a new server arrived and it wasn’t unpacked and turned on before going to bed.  If you’re ready for 702it to have a positive impact on every part of your business, I can guarantee if you call me right now 702-357-4333 we will start saving you time and money.

Thanks for watching and Make IT a Great day.

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