Danger: Microsoft Email Server

Protect Your Business: Transition away from Microsoft Exchange Server now! Running your own Exchange server poses significant security risks, but transitioning to the cloud can enhance your safety.

Running Microsoft Exchange Server Poses One of the Biggest Threats to Your Business

Microsoft Exchange has been a staple in office environments for a long time — and a do-it-yourself email server solution. It served its purpose well in its heyday. However, these days, running your own Microsoft Email Server poses one of the gravest security risks to your business. 

Unforeseen Issues Crop Up with Microsoft Exchange Server  

Let’s cut to the chase. I’ve personally installed and upgraded every version of Exchange since 1999, starting with Exchange 5.0. Email has undoubtedly been crucial for businesses over the past 25 years, and Exchange played a significant role. But I’ll bet you 27 cents that a substantial chunk of my time supporting businesses from 1999 to 2016 was spent maintaining Microsoft Exchange. Despite having it finely tuned, there was always some unforeseen issue cropping up, not to mention the substantial time spent supporting users on that platform. 

Around the time Exchange 2016 came out, transitioning your email to the cloud was the smart move. Microsoft 365 was gaining momentum, offering the best value for money in terms of email services. Once we migrated clients from on-premises Exchange servers to Microsoft 365, half of our help desk tickets disappeared. On-premises Exchange servers were not just resource-intensive; they became your biggest security liability. You can easily find reports online detailing the security issues Exchange has posed for small businesses in recent years. 

Decommission Your Microsoft Exchange Server ASAP 

The absolute best thing you can do if your company is still running its own Exchange server is to decommission it ASAP. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to prioritize this. If email is essential to your organization, then transitioning to the cloud is vital. Consider this: Microsoft is heavily invested in its cloud services. Their focus and dedication to Microsoft 365 far outweigh their attention to Microsoft Exchange. 

You don’t need to be a tech expert to see that Microsoft Exchange is becoming obsolete, and Microsoft is continuously enhancing and securing 365. While we don’t provide support for Microsoft Exchange, we can assist you in migrating away from it and into the cloud.

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