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Small Business CyberSecurity

Have you ever thought about how many ways your business can be harmed? We have. 702it can help organize, document and track your CyberSecurity.

Small Business CyberSecurity includes:

Physical Security, Practiced Disaster Recovery Plan

Windows updates, App updates, Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, DNS Filtering

Change Passwords, Use Multifactor Authentication, no repeat passwords

Password Practices, Emails, Attachments, Thumb Drives, Outside of Procedure, Testing

702it Managed CyberSecurity uses real-time Endpoint Detection and Response which makes for a strong defense, trusted partnership and valued relationship.

CyberSecurity Responsibility

“CyberSecurity” is the latest buzz word in tech. Remember the “Cloud” was the place you had to be a couple years ago. “World Wide Web” was a popular buzz phrase meant to grab your attention in the 90s. Don’t be fooled. 702it has been protecting businesses and practicing CyberSecurity before iPhones were invented. The term CyberSecurity does encompass a great deal more today and impacts businesses in ways you might not have thought about. 702it is here to help keep your business safe. Schedule an appointment today.

CyberSecurity FAQ

Is CyberSecurity New?

Some elements of protection and infection are new. I.T. Security is not new. The latest buzz word to scare people is CyberSecurity. You will not have to look hard for other scary words like hacker and cryptolocker near by. The truth is there is more to protect across a greater range but we are still practicing good ol’ IT Security.

Who is responsible for I.T. Security?

As outlined on this page and our site, security, I.T. security, CyberSecurity, national security and anything else that keeps the community safe is all our responsibility. The places we go and the things we do in the real world and in cyberspace have rewards and consequences. 

Do you perform maintenance during business hours?

No. We schedule our tools to run in the middle of the night. Also, issues that can be resolved without interrupting the users are done after business hours.

Can we purchase only CyberSecurity?

Yes. Yes you can buy aspects of CyberSecurity. You can buy Anti-Virus. You can buy filtering. You can even pay people to install it. This piecemeal approach will end in disaster and 702it knows complete CyberSecurity strategy is the only way to have a fighting chance.

IT Support Service Security Strategy

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