“We backup, secure and monitor your IT with friendly unlimited support.”

Tom Kunath, Owner 702it

We are a Full Service Managed IT Support Provider in Las Vegas. We are your new IT department. We are known to talk and act like a trusted partner.

If you are visiting our website, you are aware that IT is not just about fixing and maintaining computers.

There is a growth strategy for every business, through which it can maximize the benefits of technology and its impact on profits.

It is our specialty to make that calculation for you.
IT Support Provider

IT Support and
ROI Strategy

True Full-Service Technology Partner

702it's senior staff are not only capable; they are genuinely interested in assisting your business. IT Support, Computers, Servers, Firewalls, Cloud, Domains, Mobile, Networking, Security, Websites, Social Media, Databases, Applications, VoIP, and Fiber are just some of the IT resources that we consider when strategizing your optimal technology environment.

Cost Optimization - Bottom Line Strategy

What makes us stand out from other service providers is our experience in ROI optimization. We don't just maintain; our technology is picked to assist your bottom line.

1 TB of cloud storage and a 50GB mailbox; $5/mo. Tech has come a long way.

VoIP Business Phone Service

One thing is certain

Long-term vision, immediate results

Guided by decades of experience, we have seen similar operational issues time and time again. More often than not, compelling technological opportunities are completely overlooked and IT solutions that do not synchronize well have been thrown together to create an awkward blend, which does nothing for a business’ growth.
We understand the ins and outs of every hardware vendor, stay on top of technological advancement and employ senior engineers to maintain and support your organization.

Are you interested in
the latest technology?

We are familiar with digital tools that will boost your
company’s efficiency; helping you grow faster.