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Hey this is Tom from 702it. Thanks for stopping by.

What I am about to share with you is a real story and this could of only happened with under the care of 702it. Late one evening while doing routine maintenance I saw activity on a client network.

I noticed a longtime employee of a longtime client working late. I asked what the heck he was doing. He described his process to extract data out of a very old system to send work orders to his staff for the next day. At the end of each day he would perform this process which took about an hour. On Fridays, it took longer to prepare for the weekend. This easily took 6 hours a week of doing this mindless operation all because of a limitations in an old system.

Now, I’m an IT professional with tons of experience in operations and programming is my second love. Anytime I get the chance and have the time, I like to dabble.

For this great client I recognized how we could easily automate the end of day task. I offered to write a snippet of code for this client at no cost. The employee and I worked together on requirements. It took a couple days of fun but in the end what we delivered was a man’s time back with his family in the evenings. This is what we would call a successful project.

There were a couple forces at work here. First it took someone to give a hoot to ask why an employee was working late. Next, we broke down what tasks a human was doing to complete their job. Then we were able to offer an excellent solution. Finally, and most of all we had the experience and knowledge to make IT happen.

We can make IT happen for you too. Pick up the phone and call me right now 702-357-4333. If you want to know how long that end of day process takes to run today text me 702-357-4333. We’ll give you a hint though, it takes less time than it does to send a text.

Thanks for watching and make IT a great day.

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