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“Tom and his team are amazing! Always on top of their stuff and striving to make sure their clients have what they need to expand their business. 702it is the real deal!” – Cesar Canizales

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Cybersecurity Upgrade

We're going on Offense...

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Small Business Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a fancy term used to scare and intimidate people. Keeping systems and devices up-to-date, anti-virus software, and protected gateways are all the things we’ve been doing for over 20 years now. But let’s cut through the jargon—what it really means is safeguarding your digital life, your business, and your peace of mind.

At 702it, we take a pragmatic approach to cybersecurity. We know that your primary concern is running your business efficiently, not decoding tech-speak. That’s why we offer straightforward, comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Protect your cloud and have the ability to isolate bad actors with our cutting-edge technology and experienced team.

Your data is your legacy, and our mission is to protect it. Rely on 702it to provide you with a security fortress that stands tall in the face of evolving cyber threats. Experience the assurance of working with seasoned professionals who get the job done right the first time.

We have 24/7 human monitoring, tripwire isolation, and professional response to keep you safe! Call or text a Cybersecurity expert now at (702) 357-4333. To make an appointment, you can schedule it here.

What we can do for you

Great IT Support can Make you Forget About IT.
work on Your Business,
not IT.

Focused IT support that prioritizes your business empowers you to invest your time and attention into company growth. Utilizing our tools and technology enhances your company’s security and positions you for success.

IT Support Service Security Strategy


Managed Service Provider
Business IT Support
Business IT Service

Integrated Solutions:

We offer bundled services, such as combining IT support, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions into comprehensive packages tailored to specific industries or business sizes.

365 Management

Get the most from your 365 subscriptions
Secure Collaboration Tools
Comprehensive User Management

Best Value in Tech:

Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft 365 is the world leading cloud platform for desktop apps, email, messaging, file management and user management. $6/mo per user with 50GB mailbox 1TB file storage.


Managed Anti-Virus
Endpoint Detection and Response
Mailbox Detection and Response

Piece of Mind:

We offer bundled services, such as combining IT support, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions into comprehensive packages tailored to specific industries or business sizes.

Cloud Servers

Azure Integration and Management
Virtual Private Servers
Scalable Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud Solutions:

Public and private clouds help us focus on helping you grow your business. Remote staff and work from home means the more we can put in the cloud the more accessible our business is to staff and clients.


Private Cloud PBX
Unlimited Extensions
Per system pricing

Custom Solutions:

We emphasize our ability to develop and implement custom solutions tailored to individual business needs. Not every solution fits all; being able to customize is a significant advantage.


We work alongside your IT
Use our premium tools
Backstop Support
Seamless IT Collaboration


Do you have IT staff? They are usually pretty busy and missing valuable tools that can save time. Co-Management is a way to use our tools and expertise while allowing your staff to focus on your business.


Onsite and Offsite
Cloud backups
Disaster Recovery Planning

Reliable Confidence:

Backups are not set it and forget it. Monitoring and reviewing backups is critical to ensure client data is protected and more importantly easily recoverable.

Web Hosting

$30 per month
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
WordPress web hosting
Expert Technical Support

Always On:

Our websites are critical showing our businesses are open and ready for business. If someone visits your site and the forms don't work or the site don't load is your website serving your business or wasting time and money?

Top 50

Our Level of Care: “Fortune Top 50 IT Support”

As per our customers.


Real Example Savings on Business Telephone Costs

While increasing call quality, flexibility, and usability.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We don’t stop until you are completely 100% operational and satisfied.

Managed Solutions Partner

By embracing the role of a Managed Solutions Partner and implementing these strategies, 702it can offer a more comprehensive IT service and proactive approach to meeting the needs of businesses that require IT support in Las Vegas. This managed holistic approach makes us a valuable, indispensable partner to our clients.

Consultative Approach

Shift from just "fixing problems" to understanding business operations and goals. This consultative approach allows us to suggest forward-thinking solutions that align with a client's objectives.

Operational Efficiency Audits

We offer regular audits to clients, assessing their current tech usage and operational efficiencies. We will propose changes that can save time, reduce costs, or enhance productivity.

Vendor Partnerships

Develop relationships with technology vendors. This allows you to offer integrated solutions, sometimes at better pricing or with value-added services.

Diversified Expertise

Ensure your team is trained not only in IT but also in business process optimization, project management, and industry-specific technologies.

Custom Solutions

Emphasize the ability to develop and implement custom solutions tailored to individual business needs. Not every solution fits all; being able to customize is a significant advantage.

How do remote support services solve problems faster?

Our remote support services enable us to swiftly resolve IT issues without the need for travel or complicated over-the-phone instructions. Imagine having an IT specialist right beside you, just a click away, ready to tackle any problem you encounter. That's the advantage our remote support services bring to your business.

We save you time and money!

By employing secure remote access tools, our certified support specialists can promptly take control of your employees' workstations to diagnose and resolve issues in real-time. This accelerates problem resolution, reduces downtime, and enables your team to return to what they do best—running your business.

The cornerstone of our enduring partnerships with small businesses is our ability to deliver prompt and effective remote support. The efficiency of this service is why so many companies choose 702it as their trusted IT support provider.

Can you elaborate on the cloud services 702it offers?

Embracing cloud technology is no longer a choice but a necessity for businesses aiming to remain competitive in today's digital landscape. While the cloud can revolutionize your operations, it can also present new challenges that might overwhelm a smaller, in-house IT department.

Customized Fluffy Clouds

This is where 702it steps in. Our specialized cloud services team doesn't just recommend solutions; we provide comprehensive support for your entire cloud-based infrastructure. Whether it's securing your valuable data or assisting with cloud-based collaboration tools, we've got you covered—all from a remote setting.

Opting for our cloud services not only saves costs but also strategically enhances both your organization's productivity and data security.
IT Support Service Security Strategy

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