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Interested in a FREE analysis of your business’ IT Support? See how we work with a no obligation technical review without sales pressure. We are trained, certified and educated IT Support technicians not sales people. We care about your IT. Proud to be  serving Las Vegas since 2003! #VegasStrong #702it 

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Great IT Support can increase your profits; work faster and smarter

IT Support that focuses on your work, leveraging the latest tools and maintaining secure systems, our technology will become a driving force behind your company’s growth.


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Our level of care: “Fortune Top 50 IT Support”

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We manage and improve business IT Support

Access to your business is not a child’s game. 702IT only employs senior engineers – and all Americans to boot. That way, you always speak to someone capable of solving IT Support needs. IT Support is what we do and we would never hand over control to others in order to chase larger profits like our competitors.

What we are loved for; our focus is on your ROI. We assess bottlenecks in your organization, find the best-value solutions and estimate how long it would take to break even. All while keeping security and efficiency in mind. We love IT Support!

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